Southern As I See It

  • Cindy Smith
  • ” A practical guide to manners, traditions, and things your mama should have taught you.”  A great new book on being Southern. This one covers just about everything Southern in a clever and humorous way. It’s not just about saying please and thank you or yes ma’am and no sir, it’s about unspoken rules, etiquette, and customs for dining, cell phones, facebook, meetings, and more with a terrific section on wedding invitation do’s and don’ts (a section every bride should read). It’s about traditions and the Southern way of life; pick up trucks, hunting, football, Debutants, Cotillion, Homecomings, and all those words we mispronounce, we shorten, or run together.  Great for new comers to the South and there’s probably something here each of us has forgotten that our mamas tried to teach us. A fun read – a great gift.
  • 6 x 9  Paperback  224 Pages

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